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Committee for King presents three annual awards: the Image Award, the Community Service Award, and the Drum Major Award. The Image award recognizes an individual, group or organization whose work or talent has significantly contributed to the aesthetics of the community. The Community Service Award lifts up an individual or organization that seeks love, compassion, respect and racial harmony as evidenced through consistent volunteer community service. The Drum Major Award honors individuals who evidence deep commitment to the ideals shown in Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and work.

Nominations for these awards may made by any community member. Forms and deadline for nominations are available on the website. Only Committee for King Board members may vote on the nominations.

If you would like to nominate a person or organization for any of these awards, please fill out the short online form by clicking on the button below. You might be contacted about your nominee at a later date.

Community Service Award

Drum Major Award

Mail to: Committee for King / P.O. Box 4101 / Tupelo, MS 38803


2016 Lane Chapel Male Quintet 

2017 Determined

2018 Geno Jones and Focus

2019 Ollie Collins, Jr.

2020 Dr. Cordell Phillips

2021 Billy Clifton

2022 Lee Williams (posthumous)

2023 Tammie Nichols

2024 Gum Tree Museum of Art


2010 Curtis Robert Smith

2011 Dr. Thurmond Beasley, DDS (posthumous)

2012 Attorney Jim Waide

2013 Stanley A. McIntosh (Stan Allen) 

2014 Janette Kirk

2015 Stephen Tybor, III

2016 Councilman Willie Jennings 

2017 Steve Holland

2018 Charles Bouldin

2019 Toyota Motor Manufacturing

2020 Leticia Gassaway

2021 Boyd Yarbrough

2022 Florine Nails

2023 Beds for Kids

2024 Carla Falkner


1993 Aaron Henry

1994 W.A. McMillan

1995 Boyce Grayson

1996 Ulysses Sims

1997 Lilly Bell Johnson

1998 Howard Gunn

1999 Barry Ford

2000 Bennie Turner

2001 James Neely

2002 Jack Reed

2003 Tommie Ivy

2004 Viola Foster

2005 Robert Jamison

2006 John Thomas Morris

2007 Zell Long

2008 Nettie Davis

2009 General Lee Young

2010 William Winter

2011 Kenneth & Eloise Mayfield

2012 Henry Cobb

2013 Mack Arthur Turner

2014 Mickey Linder

2015 Palmer Foster

2016 Fred Banks & Melvyn R. Leventhal

2017 Shawn Brevard

2018 Dr. Donald Cole

2019 Shelton Shannon

2020 Clarence Parks

2021 Charles Penson

2022 Leesha Faulkner

2023 Robert Hall

2024 Virginia Toliver

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